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The Story behind Sony Ericsson and WTA Partnership

Strong women are beautiful. This was once part of a marketing campaign that Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is closely hinged to as it moves towards women empowerment and women leadership in sports.  Perhaps, this meaningful ad was also what Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication (SEMC) saw when it launched a powerful journey with WTA. Together, they have traipsed a retreat in the field of sports, casting more innovations and dynamics to a more fan-friendly platform.

And just like the way founder Billie Jean King discovered the ultimate vision she had for WTA, SEMC’s Corporate Vice President for Global Corporate Communication held that same vision too for its products. When King sought sexual equality in sports during 1970s, Ericsson’s Aldo Ligouri responded more than three decades after by expanding its market grasp through women.

In 2005, a year after the emergence of successful Russian female tennis players such as Sharapova, Sony Ericsson decided to take a leap by investing $88 million right fees and six-year deal to WTA. Ligouri had made tremendous explorations during the company’s team up with the association and this discovery, this biggest tie-up in the history of women sports was all driven by Sony Ericsson’s aim for massive brand awareness.

Sony Ericsson is known to be one of the multinational companies in global communication. The people behind it have seen opportunities with WTA’s existence. They deemed that the latter presented a major key that will help them enhance their users’ experience and that was when Ligouri started looking into sponsorship that in return, built and improved WTA.

According to Ligouri, Sony Ericsson products are centred in men’s world. Men are recognised more than women, something that was evidently shown even with the way their products are manufactured, for example: mobile phones in black and grey. They then looked at WTA sponsorship as a door that will open to female users and audience as they acted further on their desire for market expansion.

Because WTA has become a great source for powerful and inspiring women, it mirrored a beneficial effort in building links between female markets and Ericsson. Over the years, they have expanded into a wide portfolio of products posing variety of colours, edgy shapes, styles and designs that captured women’s attention. This setting of the scene had brought Ericsson its initial success that stemmed from combined efforts and initiatives involving WTA.

Ericsson’s success was also WTA’s gain. The power of innovation and technology had increased digital presentation of all tennis tours and events which hooked millions of tennis lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world. In 2010, Sony Ericsson extended its contract for two more years bringing sports leadership and technology transformation at the core of heightened customer experience and maximised tennis publicity.

For the leaders behind Sony Ericsson, Women’s Tennis Association may seem more about sweats and racquets but it also depicts trends, fashion and sophistication. It is a picture of beauty and strength which brought Sony Ericsson at the tennis court of WTA.

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