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Notable WTA Tour records

Here we discuss the most notable records and record holders within the bounds of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) from its foundation in 1973 up to date. In actuality, there are too many records to mention. However, to allow a reasonable amount of space for discussion, we focus only on the major ones.

Grand Slam Singles Career Records

For starters, let’s take a peek into the Grand Slam Singles Career Records. These are based on the performance of the playerson their matches that fall within the 4 Grand Slam tournaments – Australia Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon.

Steffi Graf bags the most number of tournament titles. During her entire career she managed to secure 22 titles with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova trailing behind with 18 titles each.

Chris and Martina, however, have managed to grab top spots on other categories proving themselves worthy of being amongst the world’s greatest female tennis players.

Chris Evert has played the most number of Grand Slam Finals, Semi Finals, and Quarter finals. From the time she went pro in 1975 up to retirement in 1989, she has played 34 Finals, 52 Semis, and 54 Quarter Finals.

Martina Navratilova holds the record for most number of matches won – 314 matches. Chris Evert and Steffi Graf only had 305 and 280 respectively. She also has 6 winning streaks making her the title holder for most number of winning streaks (Grand Slams).

Dissecting each of the Majors, below are the record holders for the most number of match wins per tournament:

  • Australia Open – Serena Williams, 58 match wins
  • French Open – Steffi Graf, 84 match wins
  • Wimbledon – Martina Navratilova, 121
  • US Open – Chris Evert, 103

WTA Tour Singles Career Records

Looking at the WTA Tour as a whole, the same superstars appear at top.

For the most number of singe titles, Martina Navratilova stands proud as always with 167 titles, followed by Chris Evert at 157, and Steffi Graf, 107.

Martina also has the most number of titles per tournament. She bagged 12 from the Ameritech Cup in Chicago in different years – 1978–83, 1986–88, and 1990–92.

However, one player, whose name has not appeared (yet) in this article, holds the most number of titles won within a given year. Perhaps it’s because her career peak came before WTA inception. Her name is Margaret Court. She has won an astonishing 18 titles in the year 1973. A record that stands even to date.

Other notable players and their records, accomplishments, and achievements:

  • Serena Williams – First woman to win US$10 million in prize money in a single year (2013)
  • Martina Hingis – youngest player ever to be ranked World No. 1
  • Monica Seles – youngest player to win the French Open (1990)
  • Justine Henin – Holds the open era record for most consecutive sets won at the French Open: 40 (2005–2010).


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