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The Latest Top 20 WTA Rankings as of December 2013

In the spirit of sports and unity in the world, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) which was founded by Billie Jean King in 1973 brings harmony to professional women of tennis across different countries. The WTA is known as the biggest professional tennis tournament and organisation for women. It matches with ATP or the Association

11 Dec 2013
WTA Tour Sponsorship Tennis

The Story behind Sony Ericsson and WTA Partnership

Strong women are beautiful. This was once part of a marketing campaign that Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is closely hinged to as it moves towards women empowerment and women leadership in sports.  Perhaps, this meaningful ad was also what Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication (SEMC) saw when it launched a powerful journey with WTA. Together, they

17 Nov 2013

How Women’s Tennis Association Was Founded

Strong women are beautiful and they have the indefatigable pioneer Billie Jean King to thank for as she ushered women’s tennis to what we know of it today. King was one of the world’s #1 tennis players. She had won 39 Grand Slam tennis titles, had been honoured in the International Tennis Hall and was

17 Aug 2013

Notable WTA Tour records

Here we discuss the most notable records and record holders within the bounds of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) from its foundation in 1973 up to date. In actuality, there are too many records to mention. However, to allow a reasonable amount of space for discussion, we focus only on the major ones. Grand Slam

27 May 2013

The Prestigious WTA Awards and Achievements

The WTA Awards is one of the most awaited announcements in the international tennis world. The Women’s Tennis Association was formed in 1973, but the year 1977 saw the beginning of the WTA Awards to recognise the most outstanding players of each season. Some of these achievements have been given to deserving players since 1977

21 Apr 2013

The WTA Ranking Method

In every game that is being done, all the players are being ranked following specific rules in which they should all comply to. A system serves as the framework of every game. The Women’s Tennis Association has devised its very own ranking method which governs all the players and the whole association itself. The ranking

27 Mar 2013

WTA tournament structure, categories, and format

The Women’s Tennis Association or WTA was founded in 1973 by Billie Jean King. It manages, runs, and governs the WTA Tour which is a professional global tennis tour for women. It succeeded The Virginia Slims Tournament which ran from 1970-1973. Organizational structure: The WTA’s organizational structure is best represented by the chart below: The

12 Jan 2013

What is the WTA Players Council?

Women in tennis have a lot to thank for when Billie Jean King and her compatriots took the leadership role in advancing the role of women in tennis and fighting for their rights as well as their health and welfare while playing this noble sport. Within the Women’s Tennis Association, the governing body for the

11 Dec 2012
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